Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blogger Summer Beauty Brawl: Primer

Hello everyone! Who is ready for day 3 of the Beauty Brawl? Today we are reviewing primers! I chose Baby Skin from Maybelline. I've been wanting to try it since it came out so let's get started!

I'm still not having any luck with the app so here is my score
Product  85
Packaging  90
Price  100

First of all the packaging is really fun! I can easily find it in my makeup bag. I think it's a decent size for the price. I got it from Walmart for $5.35. It feels very nice and smooth going on the skin. Is it an instant pore eraser? No, but my pores are huge. I do think it helps though. I work at a tanning salon so it can get pretty toasty and whenever I checked my makeup it still looked pretty good. 

I definitely like it a lot more than the NYX primer. I prefer the Benefit Porefessional Primer but at $31 I can't afford it everytime so I will keep buying Baby Skin. 

I hope you enjoyed day 3! Check out Mikayla's blog to see what product she chose. 

Let me know what primers you are loving right now or if you want me to try one.

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