Monday, June 13, 2016

Blogger Summer Beauty Brawl: Lipstick

Hello ladies! I went to Pittsburgh with my family yesterday so my post wasn't able to go up. Yesterday's review was lipstick and I chose Revlon. I have to work on three reviews so I am trying to keep them short.

Product  85
Packaging  85
Price  90

The packaging is simple but nice. The top is clear so you can see what color it is which is nice. 

The product is pretty good. The color is very bright and perfect for summer. I have been using it a lot when doing my makeup for work. Depending on what I am doing I can go a couple of hours before reapplying it. 

It cost $4.79 so it is a decent price. If you are on a budget I definitely recommend this lipstick. 

Go check out Mikayla's blog to see her review. Don't forget our hashtag is #beautybrawl16  

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