Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Blogger Summer Beauty Brawl: Brow Product

Hello everyone! Whose excited for day two of the beauty brawl? Today we are reviewing brow products. I chose Rimmel London's Brow This Way Brow Gel. Sorry for the delay I worked tonight and after I got home I just wanted to relax for a bit.

Until I can get the app here is my score
Product  60
Packaging  80
Price  80

I thought I would try a brow gel so I bought Rimmels in the medium brown shade. I was not a fan. I had to be really careful applying it so If you are in a rush I don't recommend it. I would rather fill in my brows with a pencil. If you like this type of product it's not awful and you can't beat the price. It was only $3.97 at Walmart. The packaging is really simple and it's the same color as the product.

Check out Mikayla's blog to see what she chose! 

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