Thursday, December 7, 2017

Morphe 35O Review + Swatches

This review is LONG overdue. But hey it gave me more time to use the palette and improve my blog so it will look way better than it would have. Silver linings am I right? And yes I bought this palette because of Jaclyn Hill.

It is the Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette

There are 35 shadows in the palette hence 35O. It cost $23 and if you do the math it's about $1.50 a pan. The individual pans on their website are $2.50.

There are no shade names so I numbered each one. When I mention my favorites and whenever I do a tutorial you will know exactly which shadow I am talking about. 

The packaging is about the same size as an ipad. It's not too bulky it's just not the most travel friendly palette. If I had something I could put it in that would cushion it I would travel with it more often. Have you seen the way airline workers toss bags around? My palette would be shattered. 

Before getting this palette I always thought about how much I wanted a palette with every shade of brown possible. Every palette I owned didn't have the right shade of brown I needed. So when Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in a video I knew I needed to try it. I also loved having warm shades to experiment without committing to a warm palette. I am now obsessed with warm shades. 

It's a wonderful everyday palette. As you can probably tell by some of the swatches down below some of the mattes aren't as pigmented but most are buildable. The rest of the shades are beautiful especially the shimmers. I keep looking at the pictures of the swatches I love them so much. Everything blends beautifully and I love the looks I can create with this palette. I used it along with the Naked Smoky palette for wedding makeup. 

Some of my favorite shades are 5, 11, 18, 20, 21 and 23. Overall it is a really nice palette and if you are looking for something like it you should try it. 

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