Saturday, May 9, 2015

COVERGIRL review - New products

Hey Ladies! I am so excited to review some NEW products! I will be reviewing COVERGIRLS The Super Sizer mascara and the Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner. This is my first makeup review and I am really excited, especially because I am obsessed with eyeliner and mascara. I probably have too much but it is used! The card I got in my VoxBox didn't say when these products would come out or how much they would cost so when I find out I will let you all know.

Super Sizer mascara 

I thought it was funny that they claim it will give you 400% more volume. We all know that won't actually happen but I hoped it would still be impressive. I like the big tube and the colors. I think the packaging is better than the COVERGIRL lashblast mascara which is hard for me to open. When I first looked at the wand I was skeptical, I wondered how in the world would that little wand give me gorgeous lashes. I have to say I was impressed. The little wand gets right next to the base of the lashes then you just twist as you go up and they get longer and fuller. I only need one coat for them to look good but in my picture down below I used two. I was so excited when I got it I just wanted to try it right away so I didn't curl my lashes but I honestly didn't need to it looked so good. I had to compare it to my favorite Calvin Klein mascara and honestly I think for a drugstore mascara it's pretty similar. Overall I was pretty happy with it and I would recommend it to everyone.

Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner

I have never been good at doing a cat eye, I'll have moments where I get it right but not always, so something that said it would help sounded pretty good to me. I think the packaging was decent. It's easy to hold onto when using it. I swatched it as soon as I got it. It definitely seemed easy to use. I think for drugstore the pigmentation is good. I did go over the lines twice so it could be as dark as I like it. I think it went on pretty well and the tip isn't too big. I used the thin side first then used the thicker side and think it got close enough to my lashes. I did try a cat eye and it did help I just need a bit more practice so I can make it look cleaner. When I went to take it off that night it didn't come off easily so that's really nice that it didn't budge. I don't know if I would say I love it. I think I still prefer using my Ulta gel liner. I will use it more and let you all know I just wanted to make sure I had the first impression review up in time. *UPDATE* after using it more I'm starting to like it more. My cat eye could look better but it is improving as I use it more. The only thing is I think the tip makes it a challenge to get the perfect cat eye so you really have to practice.

Once again I will find out if they are in stores yet and the cost. If you have any suggestions or ideas to help my blog improve feel free to leave a comment! I have a new post I am working on and a list of ideas. Make sure you follow me on my Facebook page.

*UPDATE* The mascara is $7.49 you can get it here
The liner isn't listed on Ulta's website but you can get it here and it's $8
Ulta is currently having a buy one get one 50% off so take advantage of this deal ladies!
updated 6/2/2015

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster to test and review. All opinions are my own.

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