Wednesday, December 10, 2014

GlamST app review

Hey everybody! I got to test a new app called GlamST. You can test makeup styles and colors before you buy.
Here is what they say about their product.
GlamST is an app for iOS that allows you to discover new makeup by choosing the styles you love and trying makeup on your photo. You can freely experiment from the comfort of your phone, try on makeup by snapping a selfie, choosing your style and seeing how makeup would really look on your face. Our goal is to make women feel comfortable with their choices and who they are daring them to experience the power of makeup and find the best-looking version of them.

It's pretty easy starting up you login with facebook or email. Then you fill out some details like your eye color, hair color, skin color, skin type and your age.
You can snap a selfie or choose a model. I'm assuming you get different models based on what you put in your details. I had three models to chose from. I wasn't able to get a good enough selfie so I went with two of the models. 
Next you have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose something trendy, sexy, edgy, glamorous, fresh or hipster. You can also choose one of the fabulous celebrity makeup looks.
For the first look I tried I went with a sexy look. I like that you can see how the lipstick color works with your skin tone. I love lipstick and trying new colors but sometimes the colors I pick just don't look good so it's nice to try them out first.
Swipe to the right and you can see different color options!
I think this look is perfect for spring! This app definitely gets me in the mood to experiment with different colors and styles.

The glamorous look is probably my favorite. I will have to try something similar as a fall/winter look.

Something interesting is on the left side is that bar if you drag it you can see the difference between no makeup and the makeup look.

You can even see if the cat eye works for you!

The bottom left is the best feature! tap the compact and lipstick to see what makeup to use to get similar results you can even change the price to meet your needs.

I think the app is fun it did take some time to get used to it. I also have the Wet n' Wild app and I think the way GlamST works is better There are a lot of brand options. I definitely want to play around more and create more looks so I will probably have a part 2. The app currently is only available for IPhone, IPad, and IPod touch and it is free.
You can get the app here
Check out their website!

*This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker all reviews are my own.

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