Thursday, June 1, 2017

Blogger Beauty Brawl 2017 Introduction

Hello everyone! If you follow my blog you know that I've participated in the Beauty Brawl twice. I had to take a break but I thought I would participate before life gets crazy with wedding activities. 

What is the Beauty Brawl?
Starting June 3rd a group of beauty bloggers will review different products for ten days. Each day we will have a different category and we will rate the product, packaging and price out of 100. We will be using Top Trump cards for the scores. I listed the days below so you know what you have to look forward to.

Day 1: Liquid Lipstick
Day 2: Brow Product
Day 3: Eyeliner
Day 4: Makeup Remover
Day 5: Nail Polish (summer color)
Day 6: Face Mask
Day 7: Primer
Day 8: False Lashes
Day 9: Hand Cream
Day 10: Bronzer

We will be linking another blogger at the end of our blog posts but today I will link everyone.

1. Beth Mahoney -
2. Natalie Williams -
3. Emma Drury -
4. Kim McPherson -
5. Rachel Hutchinson -
6. Natalie Douglas -
7. Melissa Porter -
8. Vicki Harrison -
9. Cheryl Totten -
11. Becky Russell -
13. Angy Zacarias -
14. Tione Rodney -
15. Natasha Hudson -

I am excited for the brawl to officially start it's a wonderful way to learn about new products. Let me know if you would like to take part in the next beauty brawl. 

*All Beauty Brawl graphics were designed by Emma Drury.

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