Monday, June 12, 2017

Beauty Brawl '17: Bronzer

Today is the last day of the Beauty Brawl. I really hope you enjoyed it and if you read every day thank you! We all know I am bad about posting reviews so it's a nice challenge for me to post every day for ten days. Today we are reviewing bronzers and I chose ColourPop's Super Shock Cheek in Skinny Dip. This color was discontinued because they added the pressed powders so I am happy I was able to get it.

  • Product - 90
  • Packaging - 90
  • Price - 100
I don't own a lot of bronzer it's hard to find a shade that works with my skin tone, but this bronzer is really nice. It's like a beautiful summer glow instead of an Oompa Loompa. It's the same type of formula as their super shock eyeshadows so it feels amazing! Now the foundation I am currently using is matte so it doesn't work as well. I am going to get a BB cream because I think that would be perfect! I think this type of bronzer is perfect for days when you don't want a lot of makeup on and just want some warmth in your face. 

I think the packaging is nice. It's a twist off cap and since it's the super shock formula you really have to make sure it is on tight so the formula doesn't dry out. It was $8 so it's budget friendly and better than most drugstore bronzers I've tried. I should mention it's lighter than it appears in the picture.

Check out Rachel's blog to see her choice. Our hashtag is #BeautyBrawl.

*All Beauty Brawl graphics were designed by Emma Drury. Thanks girl!

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