Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Beauty Brawl '17: Nail Polish

Welcome to day five of the Beauty Brawl! Today is one of my favorite days because we are talking about nail polish! I chose Essie in Color Binge. We are halfway through the Beauty Brawl and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

  • Product - 95
  • Packaging - 95
  • Price - 95 
Color Binge is a beautiful orange red. It applies nicely and it's opaque. It is the perfect summer color when you have a tan. I really like Essie packaging the only thing I don't love is the brush. It's a bit small I prefer OPI's. I can't wait to work on my tan so I can use it this summer.

Essie polishes are usually $8.50 but I managed to get this polish at Ulta on Clearance for about $4. That is how I buy most of my nail polishes. I actually bought some more yesterday so the nail polish addiction is very real!

Check out Rachel's blog to see her choice. Don't forget our hashtag is #BeautyBrawl so you can check out all our social media posts.

*All Beauty Brawl graphics designed by Emma Drury.

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