Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life Update #1

I thought I would update all of you with what's going on right now in my life and why I haven't posted in a while. July 19th was my birthday and I spent it in beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida. I strongly suggest checking it out sometime! I actually won two roundtrip plane tickets so that was why I went and I took my mom with me (mommas deserve some love that day too!). The only part of the trip I didn't like was our matching sunburns! We underestimated the sun a bit so we were in pain for a while and my skin still hasn't fully recovered so lesson learned! Which is one of the reasons I haven't shared much. Peeling skin is just not cute! We were sad to go but we plan on coming again and hopefully bringing the rest of the family.
 The beach
 I was waiting for Liam Hemsworth to show up lol!
The bugs here were a nightmare but the view was amazing!

Reason number two why I haven't posted is because a couple of days after we got back we got a call that a family member had to go to the hospital immediately. We didn't know much and could only pray that things would be ok. The whole weekend was spent at the hospital being together. The surgery went well and the doctor is amazing. We will do whatever we can to help on the road to recovery because that's what family does. I'm sure it won't be easy but we have to have faith. Small improvements are already happening! When I can I will share more details but for now say a prayer for my family. 

I just wanted to update everyone. I haven't stopped blogging I just need some time. I do have some things like a new VoxBox, product, and many other things planned.

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